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Business Systems hosted IVR services incorporates technology from sister company OPEX Hosting and can automate a variety of business telephony processes to speed up customer handling whilst providing a more complete service at lower cost.

How it works

With OPEX Hosted IVR your customers will have the ability to give instructions or receive services by either speaking to the system or using the touch-tone keypad.

The customer's instructions are interpreted by the OPEX platform and transferred via the network to the appropriate data system, which in turn accesses specific look-up tables and generates the necessary response.

The system can prompt for customer response by generating a dialogue from a written script (text to speech) or by a series of pre-recorded voice files.

OPEX customers have access to powerful reporting tools which are accessed via our website portal, these provide real-time statistics on caller activity and are an ideal tool to help guide marketing strategy.

OPEX has vast experience of building both large-scale and complex IVR applications which can integrate into many different specialised business applications, which include:

Overflow services - IVR for High Volume Call Traffic

For environments where large volumes of calls are received or unpredictable demand levels can overstretch resources.

Disaster Recovery - Automatic Route-on-Failure

Despite careful planning unforeseen circumstances do cause telephone lines to go down. OPEX self-service IVR offers an automatic disaster recovery re-route service.


  • Capture sales opportunities that would otherwise be lost
  • Service calls can be processed without delay
  • Access to powerful reporting tools to guide marketing strategy
  • Professional advice on set-up and full 24/7 support

Contact us on 0800 458 2988 or email us for further information on our cloud based services.