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Manage remote Contact Centre agents during the COVID-19 outbreak

How to manage remote Contact Centre agents during the COVID-19 outbreak

As the nation reacts to contain the virus, organisations need to be ready to adapt and do what is right for their staff, colleagues and customers.

Adopting an approach that reduces risk whilst avoiding panic will be critical.  Finding a solution that can be rapidly deployed will be vital to avoid significant potential losses.  But what do you need to consider when it comes to remote working in this situation?

Remote working challenges for Contact Centres

  • Providing the right support: Ensuring customers can continue to reach the right agent on their contact channel of choice
  • Re-optimising workforce schedules: Adapt to changing workforce availability
  • Communicating with staff: When re-optimising and/or making changes to schedules you need an effective way to notify staff of changes
  • Schedule adherence: Ensuring agents are performing even when working remotely
  • Quality monitoring: Continuing to deliver the expected quality of service  

Rapidly deployable solutions to help you manage your agents when working remotely:


Remote Working - CXone@home

Move your contact centre agents home in the next 48 hours with CXone@home

We can help you quickly transition to a home-based working environment for your Contact Centre Agents with CXone@home.  A NO CHARGE software option for 45 days with the option to extend: Move your Contact Centre Agents home in the next 48 hours with CXone@home

  • Activate in 48 Hours
  • Unlimited Scale
  • No software costs for 45 days with a nominal set-up fee
  • No Contracts

Remote Working - Cloud Communications Management

Cloud Communications Management

Remote Working - Cloud Communications Management

Route communications to agents regardless of location

Cloud Communications Management allows organisations to route communications to agents regardless of their location.

With more employees now having to work from home, cloud communication solutions can avoid any disruptions to customers by simply intercepting a call in the cloud and routing it to an agent’s mobile or landline, whilst ensuring the call is recording in line with business processes.

In addition, managers can maintain visibility of all communication activity both in and out of their organisation and manage these in real-time across all employees, departments, teams and locations.

Remote Working - Cloud Communications Management

How Cloud Communications Management can help your Contact Centre:

  • Limit disruption to your customers
  • Enable agents to work safely from their home in the eventuality of self-isolation
  • Route all calls directly from your current telephony to your agents mobile or home landline

Additional Benefits:

  • Maintain visibility of all communication activity, both in and out of the organisation
  • Manage communications in real-time, across employees, departments, teams and locations
  • Record calls directly in the cloud

Mobile Call Recording

Remote Working - Mobile Call Recording

Ensure your employees are meeting compliance

Mobile Call Recording provides an opportunity for organisations to ensure their staff are operational whilst working from home.

Effective Mobile Call Recording solutions that can be rapidly deployed in days include:

  • SIM based mobile call recording
  • APP based recording (WhatsApp recording included)

Remote Working - Mobile Call Recording

How Mobile Call Recording can help your business:

  • Keep your staff operational
  • Meet compliance regardless of location
  • 100% uptime

Additional Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment
  • No IT requirements for setup
  • Telephony/Handset Agnostic
  • Flexible with on-demand call recording
  • Security guaranteed: calls stored in a secure web interface

Cloud Based Contact Centre

Remote Working - Cloud Based Contact Centre

Deliver customer service across all channels

One of the biggest challenges with on-premise solutions is that, unless planned for, your agents need to be on-site in order to do their job. However, cloud-based contact centre technology removes location barriers, providing your agents with the flexibility to work remotely and still be fully operational.

Remote Working - Cloud Based Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions can help your organisation by:

  • Allowing your agents to be fully operational from any location
  • Deliver customer service across all channels, i.e. webchat, phone, email etc.. 

A few departments might need to get involved before implementing a full cloud contact centre system, however there are modules that can be rapidly deployed to support remote working whilst slowly moving you to the cloud.

Additional Benefits:

  • Future proof your organisation by ensuring your staff can work remotely if and when needed

Workforce Management

Remote Working - Workforce Management

Plan & schedule your workforce

Workforce management is well known as a pivotal tool in helping contact centres effectively plan and schedule the right agents, with the right skillset at the right time

Remote Working - Workforce Management

  • What-if scenario planning
    • Use What-if Scenario planning to help you model the impact of the Covid-19 on your contact volumes, as it will enable you to schedule the correct number of agents needed.

More information on What-if Scenarios

  • Schedule re-optimisation
    • In the case of illness or staff being unable to work, workforce management allows you to react quickly to unexpected leave.
    • If a significant amount of workers do contract the virus, being able to react quickly and efficiently is key to maintaining your organisation operational during this time.
  • Self-service via Mobile App
    • Through self-service apps, employees can access schedules remotely and advise if they are able to work additional hours. This might be necessary if many agents become unavailable.
    • Other fOther functionality such as automated shift trading and holiday booking supports homeworking.
  • Schedule adherence
    • It’s not just about having enough staff, but also ensuring that those working remotely, are in fact delivering on their responsibility.
    • If your agents can connect to their telephony system, some workforce management tools will allow you to see real-time adherence of your agents and help you monitor their performance remotely.

Back Office Workforce Optimisation

Remote Working - Back Office Workforce Optimisation

Remain operational in the Back Office

It’s not just your front office agents that need to be managed remotely, your back-office will also need to remain operational in order to ensure that customer demands are met. 

Remote Working - Back Office Workforce Optimisation

A Back-office Workforce Management solution can help you by providing:

  • Real-time insight
    • Already a challenge in co-located offices, understanding who is working on what and how well, can become a minefield with a remote workforce. 
    • Back-office workforce optimisation provides detailed information for every activity, every resource and every customer request so that nothing falls through the cracks. Customer experience remains seamless, regardless of where your staff are based.
  • Clear and relevant reporting
    • At the beating heart of remote workforce management is having access to timely and accurate management information. Workflow demand, quality adherence and agent performance are all examples of critical information that managers at every level need to effectively plan your staffing needs.
  • Real-time Work Allocation 
    • Automatically matching work with the most appropriate resource, in line with business priorities, takes the business continuity nightmare of remote working and delivers a dynamic new working regime. You’ll wonder why you weren’t working remotely in the first place.

Workforce Management Consultancy

Remote Working - Workforce Management Consultancy

Workforce Management Consultancy

We understand that implementing a remote working WFM plan can be a challenging task in optimal conditions, having to do it in days can be extremely challenging.

Remote Working - Workforce Management Consultancy

Our WFM Consultancy team of experts have over 50 years of experience working within the Workforce Management/WFO industry and can help you in several ways:

  1. By providing an in-depth analysis of your current resource planning processes being followed throughout the planning cycle
  2. By providing a detailed plan of action highlighting opportunities for implementation of WPO technology that supports homeworking
  3. By mapping back-office processes with a view of identifying opportunities where efficiencies can be gained and customer experience improved. This would be achieved through a number of methods including introducing automation, improved orchestration and measuring performance more effectively
  4. By helping you create a business case that will secure the investments you want/need for WPO technology
  5. By ensuring solutions are set up optimally to deliver a return on investment 

Additional tips to help you get your agents operational from home

  • Make sure you clearly document and communicate company policies and procedures. Provide them with a “Work from Home” booklet that they can reference as and when they need
  • Set regular quality monitoring sessions to ensure your agents are still getting the support and training they need to perform at the required standard
  • Be available to answer any questions as and when your agents require
  • Be sure to recognise remote agents for a job well done
  • Implement Gamification to engage your workers