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How to keep your employees fully operational from home

How to keep your employees fully operational from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

The recent global challenge surrounding Coronavirus is adding pressure on organisations to remain operational whilst safeguarding their employee’s welfare.

The outbreak in the UK has highlighted the need for all organisations to introduce additional systems and processes around contingency planning, which previously were not such a high priority. 

Rapidly deployable solutions to support remote working:

Cloud communications management allows organisations to route communications to employees regardless of their location.

With more employees now having to work from home, cloud communication solutions can avoid any disruptions to customers by simply intercepting a call in the cloud and routing it to an employee’s mobile or landline, whilst ensuring the call is recording in line with business processes.

In addition, managers can maintain visibility of all communication activity both in and out of their organisation and manage these in real-time across all employees, departments, teams and locations.

How Cloud Communication Management can help your business:

  • Limit disruption to your customers
  • Enable employees to work safely from their home in the eventuality of self-isolation
  • Route all calls directly from your current telephony to your agents mobile or home landline

Additional Benefits:

  • Maintain visibility of all communication activity, both in and out of the organisation
  • Manage communications in real time, across employees, departments, teams and locations
  • Record calls directly in the cloud

How to keep your employees fully operational from home during the Coronavirus outbreak


Mobile Call Recording provides an opportunity for organisations to ensure their staff are operational when working from home whilst still being able to meet regulatory compliance.

Effective Mobile Call Recording solutions that can be deployed in days include:

  • SIM based Mobile Call Recording
  • App based recording (including WhatsApp and WeChat recording)

How Mobile Call Recording can help your business

  • Keep your staff operational
  • Meet compliance regardless of location
  • 100% uptime

Additional Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment
  • No IT requirements for setup
  • Telephony/Handset Agnostic
  • Flexible with on-demand call recording
  • Security guaranteed: calls stored in a secure web interface


Who is this technology for? 

Anyone that must remain operational even though staff are working from home and/or record business calls, such as: Financial Services, Contact Centres and Public Sector to name a few.

Why you should act now 

Four firms based in central London have now asked their staff to work from home as a precaution against Coronavirus. – Chevron have asked more than 300 staff not to come into their Canary Wharf office.  Crossrail and OMD have also told staff to work from home and most recently Deloitte’s, where one of their staff was tested positive for Covid-19

As more and more companies across London start feeling the effects of the Coronavirus spread, the urgency to take action and have contingency systems in place will become a top priority for many organisations, with up to a fifth of UK workers estimated to be off sick, at the same time.

Speak to one of our technology experts today to find out which solutions are suitable for your organisation.