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Increase productivity and cut operating costs

How to increase productivity and cut operating costs in the Insurance Sector

Operational complexity, increasingly stringent regulations and a competitive marketplace are driving operating costs higher every year, so what can you do to get ahead of the curve?  Productivity in the insurance sector according to research has barely moved in the last 10 years, so it’s time to take a strategic look at how you can boost productivity, ensuring your business won’t eventually flatline.

So, let’s look at the over arching business goal of boosting productivity and improving cost efficiency.  How can this be achieved? 

Enter OPX, a Back Office Workforce Optimisation solution designed to increase productivity and effectiveness in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.  But how?


  • Empower Team Leaders with real-time data to make effective decisions
  • Understand what your workforce are doing with real-time statistics in terms of productivity and capacity
  • Provide BI Manager’s with the detailed metrics and insights needed to drive positive change

Customer Journey

  • Enable digital transformation to promote customer self-service and reduce lengthy processing times with automation
  • Identify opportunities to improve the customer journey and outcomes
  • Standardise and simplify processes across your operation to reduce inefficiencies caused by complexity and error

Visibility & Control

  • Resource your organisation correctly with the right skills
  • Help your Operations Director reduce costs and streamline work without impacting service levels
  • Provide visibility of process bottle necks, quality issues, compliance risks and where costs can be cut
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets to understand your operations


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We can help with improved workflows, process automation opportunities, improved productivity and significantly reduce overheads using our comprehensive Back Office Workforce Optimisation Solution – OPX.



How to increase productivity and cut operating costs in the Insurance Sector