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Government & Health Solutions

Government & Health

Business Systems provides local authorities, housing associations and healthcare organisations with call recording and workforce optimisation solutions designed to improve efficiencies and drive down costs to deliver better tax payer value.

Our call recording and workforce optimisation products are used by:

  • Charities

  • Community Carelines

  • Doctors on Call

  • Hospitals

  • Housing Associations

  • Industry Regulators

  • Government & Health

    Local Councils

  • Medical Advice Lines

  • Out of Hours Healthcare providers

  • Private Health Organisations

  • Trading Standards

Choice of market leading products offering from 4 lines of recording to thousands of channels –NICE, Red Box Recorders, Verint, Vocal Recorders

Key Benefits

  • Reduced liability, fact verification and protection of staff
  • Proven, reliable call recording and workforce optimisation technology
  • Solutions designed to reduce costs and optimise efficiency of resource
  • Independent advice – UK’s largest independent provider
  • Full UK support coverage and multiple service options

Features of Call Recording for Government & Healthcare

  • Integration with industry technologies - most telephone switches, LAN/WAN, IP infrastructure
  • Capture interactions across voice, screen, email, social media, web chat VoIP & radio
  • Easy to use intuitive software for quick and simple search and replay of calls
  • Latest storage medias – optical and network attached
  • Integrated performance measurement/quality monitoring software