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Getting the most out of call recording

Getting the most out of call recording

Getting the most out of Call Recording

When deciding to invest in a call recording solution you’ll want to make sure you are leveraging the most you possibly can out of your investment. In order to do this, a considerate amount of planning should be carried out pre-implementation as well as post. To help, we’ve combined over 30 years’ worth of call recording experience to advise you on key points to consider in order to get the most out of your technology. 

1. Plan your objectives and goals

Why exactly have you chosen to invest in a call recording solution? It may be worth having a sit down with those in your organisation who can offer valuable input into this planning process. Have a think about the real objectives behind this implementation – are you hoping this investment will boost your sales conversions, train your staff in call handling best practices, help resolve disputes or meet compliance obligations?  

Regardless of what you hope to achieve, ensuring you have set objectives in place will guarantee an end goal for you to work towards post-implementation. It will also help guide you in the type of call recording solution that will best meet your needs.

2. Get your employees on-board

Employees who are used to having free reign with customer conversations, will no doubt be slightly apprehensive about the fact that these same calls will now be monitored and potentially analysed and evaluated for future use. As a result, monitoring each conversation your employees may be having could possibly cultivate a negative ‘Big Brother is watching you’ type environment. 

Don’t let this happen – talk to your employee’s openly about the benefits a call recording system will bring and share with them your original goals so that they can be a part of making this happen. Remind your staff that you value them and by evaluating these calls together you will be able to invest more in their skills and development for their own future. 

3. With knowledge comes change

Your employees may dread it – the feedback sessions after analysing a sample of their calls. However this is a great opportunity to successfully embed call recording into the culture of the organisation. With some call recording systems allowing you to add notes or tags to flag specific calls for future reference, this will allow your staff to save those calls they believe went extremely well. This paves the way for praise and recognition rather than just focussing on those calls that highlight room for improvement. It empowers employees to display their pro-activeness and willingness to share good practice to assist not only in their development but the development of others. 

If you are currently in the process of having call recording implemented, then check out our handy installation checklist which will help you plan for your implementation, ensuring a smooth and successful delivery!

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