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Getting the most out of Call Quality Monitoring

Getting the most out of Call Quality Monitoring

Getting the most out of Call Quality Monitoring

Call Quality Monitoring (QM) still remains an important focus for customer service orientated organisations. So when deciding to invest or upgrade your QM solution, we’ve outlined 3 key points for you to consider. 

1. Less searching, more evaluating

Any contact centre or large business will understand how resource-hungry the monitoring and evaluation of agents can actually be. In order to eliminate such a laborious process, make sure you invest in a solution capable of easily retrieving and playing back the ‘relevant’ calls more quickly and efficiently. How do you identify the relevant calls?  Simple you look for anomalies such as call handle times being longer or shorter than average, you look at call recordings by agent ID and identify if a particular agent is handling significantly more or less calls than their peers.

You can also look for repeat calls from the same inbound number, which might indicate an ongoing issue not being resolved. Once you have identified the calls worth evaluating consider investing in a QM application equipped with a ‘replay speed’ function to allow your evaluators to speed up replay of the call recording by 20-25%. With this functionality, more calls can be assessed in a given time period and silence on calls easily skipped saving you extra time and effort.  With more calls being evaluated, larger samples can be analysed, allowing for a more consistent and representative view of the service levels agreed – a win-win situation all round. 

2. Practice makes perfect

It’s not enough to just carry out the evaluation, cross it off the list and move on.  In order to reap the rewards of a successful QM programme, you should incorporate a timely feedback loop to all concerned, isolating the coaching needs of individuals, and sharing best practice uncovered along the way. To aid in this, more and more QM applications today are equipped with agent learning centres for coaching, where specific calls can be tagged for training purposes. If you still feel there is just not enough training going on, then why not give your agents the opportunity to self-evaluate with flexible access to different elements of your QM system they can compare how they rate themselves against the evaluators and get a better feel for what is expected and why. 

3. Keep the process moving

It’s all well and good opting for a Quality Monitoring solution which encompasses all the latest features. However, opting for the best will only get you so far, there is still a lot of work to be done to embed this technology into the culture and mind-set of your organisation. Achieving excellence doesn’t come easy and this is where a helping hand can be effective. QM consultancy and training can re-invigorate tired processes or help set up new ones to get the most out of the technology. Consultants, much like a personal trainer or life coach can help keep you energised, focussed and provide you with a whole new perspective. They can advise on the latest best practices in QM as well as ensure you are using all the key features of your solution to best effect. Ultimately, QM consultancy will help you better understand how best to leverage the most out of your investment in order to deploy solutions more strategically within the business.