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Business Solutions

General Business

Business Systems provides call recording, interview recording, interaction analytics and quality monitoring solutions for any organisation needing to record staff conversations or interviews to assist with resolving disputes, verifying facts and sales transactions or for training and measuring staff performance.

Our call recording solutions are used by:

  • Contact Centres

  • Financial Institutions

  • Healthcare

  • Retailers

  • Air Traffic Control

  • Fire, Ambulance, Police
  • Local Government / Councils

  • Property and Construction

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Doctors on Call

Choice of market leading products offering call recording for however many staff require it - solutions from leading manufacturers including NICE, Red Box Recorders, Verint 

Key Benefits of Business Call Recording

  • Improve staff sales techniques and conversion rates - by regularly reviewing staff sales calls
  • Resolve customer disputes quickly and confidently - providing an indisputable record of each customer interaction
  • Identify improvements in sales or business processes - by listening to both sides of the conversations

Features of Call Recording for Business

  • Integration with industry technologies - most telephone switches, LAN/WAN, IP infrastructure

  • Capture interactions across voice, screen, email, social media, web chat VoIP & radio

  • Easy to use, intuitive software for quick and simple reporting and search and replay of calls

  • Integrated performance measurement/quality monitoring software

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