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Financing Options

Financing Options

Business Systems provides a number of flexible financing options ensuring that customers can get access to the latest voice technology, when they want, how they want and for however long they want.


CAPEX Financing Options  


For organisations seeking the comfort of purchasing and owning their call recording or workforce optimisation (WFO) technology outright and who hold a capital expenditure budget, this option is the obvious choice.

Leasing Financing Options  


If your organisation prefers to stagger payments over time, Business Systems can offer fixed term leasing for purchasing recording or WFO equipment which involves ‘leasing’ equipment for a 3 to 5 year period.

Fully Managed Service Financing Options


Fully Managed Service

Business Systems' Managed Service provides call recording and WFO equipment at your premises with reduced responsibilities, presenting your organisation with a monthly or quarterly bill for services. A number of options can be selected from fully maintaining call recorders on your behalf to finding and listening to calls or even monitoring staff performance and producing reports for review. Full details can be found here.

Rental Financing Options  


For those organisations seeking a low cost proof of concept to prove the technology can add value to the business, or only need to use call recording or WFO technology for a one-off or specific project, short-term hire of equipment for a period of weeks or months is a popular choice. Find out more here.

OPEX Hosting Financing Options  


For organisations running tight cash flows and budgets seeking a low monthly operational expenditure, Business Systems provides a number of hosted telephony applications like call recording which can be accessed on a pay as you go basis. The fact that you only pay for what you use ensures there is no unnecessary wastage and it ensures the costs going in and out of the business are more manageable. Find out more about our cloud services here.