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Trading Floors Solutions

Trading Floors Solutions

Business Systems provides reliable high quality, high capacity digital voice, mobile, screen and VoIP recording for trading floors, brokers, retail banking, financial service providers and insurance companies. These solutions enable compliance adherence, transaction verification, dispute resolution, liability prevention, order confirmation, fact finding and quality monitoring.

Advantages of Call Recording Systems from Business Systems

  • Over 25 years experience in providing call recording products and services into the financial sector
  • Integral understanding of FCA compliance and other legislation governing this sector
  • Expert voice recording engineers, regardless of telephony connecting to systems
  • Installation expertise and processes that deliver the most reliable recording solution in the industry

Key Features for Financial Institutions

  • A choice of recording solutions already used by many of the City's trading floors – NICE, Red Box Recorders, Verint, Vocal Recorders and hosted voice recording
  • Meeting the latest FCA advisory regulations, Business Systems provide secure mobile phone recording enabling recording of calls and texts from and to mobile phones
  • Total Dealer Recording – voice, screen and VOIP to ensure compliance and verify voice and electronic transactions
  • Speech Analytics to enable keyword search across interactions to better meet compliance obligations
  • Full compatibility with digital/analogue communication systems, computerised trader turret systems, PABXs, LANs, ACDs, databases and applications

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