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How we can help...

Do you currently have a CyberTech call recording system which needs support or upgrading to the latest version? Business Systems can help, read on to find out more...

Business Systems are the UK's leading service and support provider of call recording solutions and have been a platinum partner of NICE systems for over 20 years. The company prides itself on service excellence and boasts the UK's largest and most experienced engineering resource.

We have been able to help a significant number of customers ensure they receive the  levels of ongoing service and support they deserve since NICE's acquisition of Cybertech. In 2013 alone we acquired over 50 new customers for Cybertech support, including systems with over 1,000 recording channels.

Support Capabilities

Business Systems supports CyberTech Version 5 and Version 6 (also known as NICE Recording eXpress) and have also been working with organisations with older versions of CyberTech to upgrade to the very latest model. This ensures the system can be fully supported and facilitates growth and expansion to the call recording estate where required.

As part of our service we will carry out a full systems health check, providing a transparent account of the systems performance and any outstanding issues that may have been missed to help lengthen the lifespan of the call recording system.

Why Business Systems?

Business Systems is already actively supporting CyberTech call recording implementations in trading floors, oil and gas, healthcare, government, banks, recruitment and construction markets.

With over 25 directly employed voice recording engineers across the UK, we can provide full coverage including:

  • Onsite and telephone support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Guaranteed SLA’s to meet your business requirements

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades for Financial Trading Floors

If you think it’s time to upgrade your Cybertech call recording software and your organisation is subject to meeting compliance around FCA and other financial regulations then NICE Trading Recording (NTR) or Red Box Quantify are both worth considering. 

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades for Contact Centres and General Business

If you are a contact centre or business looking for a cost-effective and reliable call recording upgrade from Cybertech for fact verification and monitoring staff performance then Red Box Quantify should be considered. 

If you need to access recordings from multiple call recording systems and consolidate all your legacy recordings in one place then the Business Systems Vocal Wordwatch portal could prove a good option.