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Customer Services and Marketing

Customer Services and Marketing


Moving away from the silo mentality

Martin Hill Wilson explores the relationship between the marketing and customer service function at this year’s CCExpo.

In most organisations, marketing and customer service departments don’t have a great deal of operational contact; however this ought to change as both greatly affect one another. For instance it isn’t uncommon to hear the customer service team complain about marketing campaigns being launched on the busiest days of the year.

There are multiple points of opportunity that should be explored by both parties. One of the most obvious is social media.

Through social media we can physically see how good service can impact the customer. Social media provides a great opportunity for increased word of mouth as well as brand awareness. Because of this, the marketing department has generally taken charge and ownership of social media communication channels in order to shape and control the branding of the organisation.

We should recognise that, as we start developing the next generation of how we run organisations, we are going to move away from silo mentalities between departments and create new form of relationships based on customer journeys instead of departmental roles.

People with different functions will work and communicate together in relation to the customer journey.

It will be important to structure organisations in a way that supports working together by sharing information and technology. The rise of social and digital technologies have increased the opportunity of collaboration between teams and it’s finally time we see ourselves belonging to the same endeavour instead of separate silos.