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Contact Centre Workforce Management

Contact Centre Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) is a term that encompasses all the activities needed to maintain a productive workforce in the Contact Centre. 

These activities include:

  • Scheduling: ensuring that enough agents with the right skills are available to meet customer demands
  • Forecasting: calculation of future contact volumes by using contacy history data, contact pattern and events or holidays that may impact contact volumes. The more historical data is inputted into a workforce management system, the more accurate the workforce forecasts will be
  • Performance management: monitor and track your agents’ performance. Metrics such as first call resolutions (FCR), net promoter score (NTS) and customer satisfaction score (CST) can help ensure you meet service level agreements.
  • Intraday management: reacting to what is happening in real time and adjusting schedules to ensure the contact centre is running efficiently. This is the reactive part of workforce management and you’ll need to stay alert to possible technical faults, product recalls, national crisis (such as pandemics, severe weather or political changes), negative press exposure etc…  
  • Time-keeping and attendance: keeping an eye on metrics such as attrition and absenteeism is important, as well as service level and occupancy in real time, as they will all affect scheduling an forecasting plans.


Contact Centre Workforce Management Solutions:


Benefits of Workforce Management in the Contact Centre 

  • Accurate forecasting

One of the most felt benefits of using a WFM solution is accuracy when planning your workforce.. An accurate plan means that you are schuling and hiring the “right” number of employees and avoiding exessive spend for overstaffing. 

  • Scheudling and Intraday Management

Scheduling staff can be extremly challenging as organisations need to take in account a number of factors, such as balance labor laws, business rules, holidays, vacation time, employee availability, and employee preferences with the requirement while also not scheduling too many employees or having to pay overtime. Workforce Management solutions can help planners quickly plan the right level of staff and react to real-timeevents.



Workforce Management ROI Calculator

Contact Centre Workforce Management Resources:


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