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Contact Centre Metrics

Contact Centre Metrics


Using contact centre metrics to drive success

We had the pleasure of catching up with Justin Robbins, Senior Analyst at ICMI at this year’s CC EXPO who kindly agreed to share the highlights of his engaging talk on the metrics used to evaluate todays contact centre.

According to Justin, every metric a contact centre uses needs to reflect their strategy as an organisation. He notes that they need to understand what is important from a customer, agent and CEO perspective.

It’s necessary to recognise what the strategy is and what an organisation really wants to achieve with it, only then can you understand which metrics really matter and how much information is available to gauge how effective we are at meeting those objectives.

It’s important to realise early on that not everything we measure matters to everyone and that certain metrics will matter in different ways to different individuals. In order to see these metrics drive success, we must share relevance with each stakeholder and explain how their role impacts the end goal.  

Measuring objectives is a balance between three audiences:

  • Balance of the Customer, who wants service when s/he wants it and how s/he wants it
  • Balance of the Organisation, who wants a cost efficient service that maximises revenue
  • Balance of the Employee, who wants performance objectives that s/he can easily understand and that won’t burn them out

Understanding which of these audiences has the highest priority takes a deeper conversation within everyone in the contact centre.

It is important that any metric a contact centre chooses to measure not only matches the strategy of the organisation but also reflects what the organisation wishes to get out of it.

Metrics fall in to 5 different categories:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Cost performance
  • Strategic impact that we provide

By having clarity of focus, aligned objectives and meaningful measurements, Justin believes you can truly position yourself ahead of the competition