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Call Recording Support Windows 2003

Call Recording Support for Windows 2003

Call Recording Support for Windows 2003

Windows 2003 EOL

What does this mean? 

In a nutshell, this means that after July 14 2015, Microsoft will no longer issue updates for any version of Windows 2003. This means there will no longer be security updates, fixes or service packs and this could potentially put your applications at risk. The only exceptions will be for those customers who have custom support arrangements.

What does this mean if my Call Recording software runs on Windows 2003?

If your call recorder runs on Windows 2003 it will still operate after the end of support date, however it could be open to certain risks, as could other applications running on the Windows 2003 operating system and you should establish what these are. Typically, your company’s IT policy will define as and when you upgrade your applications. However sometimes it can also be contingent upon what the Call Recording application itself can run on. Therefore you should discuss your situation with your call recording supplier as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.

What options are available?

Different options are available for Call Recording systems running on Windows 2003 and deciding what to do next can be established with these 3 easy action points: 

  • Assess your internal IT policy - 

    If you are happy to remain with Windows 2003 make sure that your Call Recording service arrangements also match as not all suppliers provide this option.

  • Explore new systems - 

    If you have been thinking about installing a new call recorder then now is the perfect time to do so. Business Systems can provide technology advice on available products such as NICE, Red Box Recorders, Verint and many more. We are able to offer you the best fit solution depending on your unique requirements.

  • Upgrade your system - 

    If you want to stay with your current system and consider an upgrade option it may be possible to do so with an in-situ upgrade to a newer operating system or perhaps replace the servers - you can check this out. 

60% of our staff resides in the Technical Services Division and we have always been proud of our flexibility in accommodating customers with extended service arrangements for products and applications that have officially gone ‘end of life’.