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Contact Centres

Contact Centres

Business Systems provides call recording and workforce optimisation solutions for inbound or outbound contact centres with 4 to 1000 agents needing to record voice calls, emails, live chat, social media or VoIP interactions for performance measurement, agent training, CRM systems measurement, compliance, transaction verification or fact finding.

Key features of solutions for contact centres


Key benefits for contact centres

  • Consistent quality assurance of individual front line staff, specific sales or marketing campaigns and groups of agents

  • Contact centre managers, supervisors, team leaders and quality assurance staff identify and pinpoint the correct calls and interactions to address targeted areas for improvement in the organisation

  • Reduce liability costs and risk to the organisation by having the evidence captured in a voice recording to prove what was or was not said

Business Systems helps organisations to implement a complete quality management solution integrated into business processes and company objectives by supplying consultancy from an industry expert in the field of quality.


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