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Content Brief: 

Persona: Helen is the Head of Compliance for a large multi-national bank. 

Persona Needs:  She needs to extract calls for Trade Reconstruction, comply with regulations  and identify potential risks before they happen

As financial regulations such as MiFID II become more complex, Helen has to be more proactive with data to ensure she is identifying potential risks before they happen. There are so many calls and communications to keep on top of.

Helen has just implemented a trade reconstruction/analytics tool.  She wants to integrate it with her call recording data, but her systems are legacy, live and mobile which is proving to be a challenge. 

She wants to place the call data into her analytics engine so she can proactively search the recordings for ‘high risk’ keywords and phrases.

By having an extraction engine that is automated and vendor agnostic, Helen will have complete flexibility on how she wishes to analyse her data and what data she needs analysed.  See how Wordwatch can make this happen for Helen.

PRODUCT - Wordwatch: 

  • General products description: 

  • Specific Wordwatch Module to help Helen: Extraction Module

Automated process of extracting data from one call recording system into another engine/system whilst keeping data in its original file structure/format. 

Pain Points:
- Lacking Integration from current capture systems into a reporting/analytics systems
- Integration process is heavily reliant on manual  intervention, cumbersome, difficult to administer and prone to human error
- Use of different systems that do not talk to each other 
- Forced to use the same manufacturer - using one call recording system they are almost forced to use the same manufacturer

Key Benefits:

 > Vendor agnostics: Ability to extract and replay calls from any vendor solution – legacy, live, mobile or other
> Ability to integrate into any trade reconstruction platform and allows you to have complete control over (when and where you need your data) your data
> Automated process: Reduce human error with  accurate rules. Limited manual intervention required. 
> Peace of mind: 
> Eliminate risk relating to the integrity of the recordings by keeping them in their original format
> Provides the ultimate safety-net: mitigate risk 
- Vendor mobility - they can change and use the best technology in each individual space

Key Features:

>  Bulk export which automates extraction to provide near to real-time for analytics and trade reconstruction
> Automation: