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Everything You Need to Know About Call Data Legacy Migration

Call data legacy migration consists of moving your recording data from one place to another in order to be able to access it beyond what the system allows. Under what circumstances will a company need to look at call data … Continue reading

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Proactive Call Extraction: Identifying Risks Before They Happen

Another day another regulation: Identifying Risks before they happen with Call Extraction As data regulations continue to tighten, trade reconstruction has become a priority for compliance managers in the financial sector. No longer is it enough simply to record telephone … Continue reading

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The new sub 100 channel offering – ‘NICE Perform SMB’

The size of your organisation should not limit your ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience, is the key message behind NICE’s latest product. The NICE Perform SMB product is based on the advanced NICE Perform platform and targets small … Continue reading

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