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Workforce Management: Gamification

Workforce Management: Gamification

Workforce Management: Gamification

Humanise the workplace series – Part 4

Ask any contact centre manager and they will agree that keeping their agents continually motivated, (in particular those with a longer tenure) throughout the year can be a challenge. These days, agents are dealing with surges in call volumes, changing technologies, increasingly complex customer cases across multiple channel touchpoints and last but not least, the aspiration to be appreciated and acknowledged in the work environment for all of their hard work.

As a result, agents can lose morale if they feel there is no overall incentive to stay. Ensuring your staff are engaged is vital to the success of any contact centre. Happier staff means happier customers. So where do you start? And how can Gamification help?


Gamification is gaining traction in business environments as organisations are beginning to realise the value it can bring. Even companies such as Yahoo, LinkedIn and Amazon have incorporated gamification as part of their business strategy.

In an environment such as the contact centre, gamification is in its element, with its ability to incorporate the fun and competitive nature into the workplace whilst also pushing agents to perform to the best of their ability, in line with your own business goals such as customer service and quality.

How exactly does Gamification work?

With Teleopti’s gamification module (the first vendor worldwide to introduce a game like environment in a workforce management solution), contact centre agents are positioned as players of a game. The system with which the game is based on, rewards performance (by awarding gold, silver and bronze medals) – based on pre-determined parameters and metrics. As well as this, the contact centre manager/supervisor is able to upload their own key metrics in alignment with business goals and set games for different periods e.g. ongoing, monthly, weekly or daily!

Tip: Games are permission-based so it is possible to enter agents from different teams, sites or skills if required e.g. a game can be set up just for new starters or for those who need to improve quality scores.

These medals can be traded in for prizes e.g. being first in line for the next shift or holiday bid or perhaps an iPad. As a result, agents are encouraged to reach specific targets and improve their performance, ultimately reducing absenteeism and agent turnover.

With the gamification module, reports and statistics are compiled on a daily basis, allowing agents to keep on track of their ‘game progress’ monitoring if they have earnt a medal or won a prize on their agent portal.


Tip: With gamification, metrics such as number of handled calls, adherence and pre-set targets can all be measured and used. However, for certain metrics, targets and exceptions must be put in place to ensure agents won’t just rush through calls resulting in lower customer satisfaction for example.

Benefits of Teleopti Workforce Management Gamification

  • Positive reinforcement (agents perform to the best of their ability – in a manner that’s interesting and that holds their attention)
  • Upload you own KPI’s in line with your business needs
  • Agents can follow gamification leaderboards which creates healthy competition
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Reduce absenteeism and agent turnover
  • Improve culture
  • Gain performance insights
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Re-invigorate staff with longer tenure

Workforce Management ROI Calculator

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