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Business Systems introduces NICE Quality Central

Business Systems introduces NICE Quality Central

Business Systems’ partner NICE has recently released NICE Quality Central, a new quality management solution that incorporates all types of customer interaction data, drawn from any source, into a holistic and comprehensive evaluation process. This enables organizations to increase employee engagement, improve process efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience.

NICE Quality Central

The market’s first enterprise quality management solution.

NICE Quality Central is the only recording-agnostic, enterprise-scale solution of its kind in the market. Based on NICE’s deep expertise in quality management, the new solution has been proven to:

  • Reduce average handle times by up to 30 percent
  • Improve first call resolution by up to 40 percent
  • Increase sales effectiveness by up to 20 percent
  • Cut call hold times by up to 25 percent
  • Boost customer satisfaction by up to 40 percent

For example, in contact centres that employ “universal agents” to handle end-to-end customer interactions such as phone, email, and claim processing, multiple interaction types can be attached to a single evaluation form. This provides managers with a better perspective of how the agent performs overall, as well as enables them to assess the customer experience. Also, agents and managers alike are able to access the data relevant to them and manage their daily tasks and objectives, all from a single application.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Updated reporting – provides organizations unparalleled flexibility with over 200 data points to segment information, creating quality KPI metrics for identifying actionable insights.
  • Complete automation with customized workflows – Quality Central’s out-of-the-box workflows simplify quality processes such as calibration, agent self-assessment and audit-the-auditor. Workflows can also be fully customized for more nuanced requirements and compliance needs.
  • As a standalone application, NICE Quality Central works with any recording solution or data source. Since it can be updated independently of the recording platform, the time, resource commitment and risk associated with upgrades dramatically decreases.

If you want to find out more about how NICE Quality Central can help improve performance and empower employees, feel free to contact us: 0800 458 2988, contact@businesssystemsuk.com.

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