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Quality Monitoring Auditing and Calibrations

Quality Monitoring Auditing and Calibrations

[Last Updated: August 2016]

Auditing and calibrating is an important part of the Quality Monitoring process. In order to provide the objective level of evaluation required to accurately evaluate an agent’s call, contact centres rely on Quality Assurance teams to listen to calls and evaluate an agent’s performance, based on company documentation, their experience and training.

However, no matter how good the quality documentation and training provided, the uniqueness of individuals and their perception of a call will always produce conflicting evaluation results amongst a large group of Team Managers.

Auditing and calibrating allows contact centres to ensure a level of consistency within an inconsistent process, and can be carried out in several ways without having to be complicated or time-consuming. For example, there are three main processes that can quickly sort out inconsistencies and conflicting procedures within call evaluation. These processes consist of:

  • Calibration Audits
  • Management Standardisation
  • Synergy Sessions
Quality Monitoring Auditing and Calibrations

Quality Monitoring Auditing and Calibrations

Calibration Audits

A key step in the process involves the Quality Assurance team re-evaluating calls and comparing results. The evaluation and calibration need to be within a 5-10% tolerance between each other to be considered acceptable. This simple process ensures everyone is on the same page and evaluating calls against similar standards.

Management Standardisation

Most advanced quality monitoring systems enable the calibration of a centre’s evaluation skills against a single call. Once all calibrations are complete a meeting is arranged to discuss the results. All participants should be within a 5-10% tolerance of each other. For quality compliance purposes, all calibration meetings and results should be documented in a calibration log. Each department should calibrate a minimum of two calls per month.

Synergy Sessions

Synergy Sessions are an informal calibration process involving groups of agents, Supervisors/Team Leaders, Department Managers and other appropriate support staff listening to recordings together to discuss call-handling techniques and evaluate the quality of the call.

As Brent Bischoff, QM Consultant and Training Expert comments: “Quality monitoring is an excellent tool. But it’s a tool to help evaluation, not a tool to actually carry out the evaluation. Calibration on the other hand, allows you to reach a consensus on what defines good and bad call performance bringing a new level of clarity and accountability to your contact centre”.

For more information, Business Systems has released An Instrumental Guide on Calibration where you can read more about how calibration can help contact centres achieve the objective level of evaluation required to accurately and fairly evaluate an agent’s call.

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