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Using call recording for recruitment to give you an edge

Using call recording for recruitment to give you an edge

Recruitment has always been a highly competitive sector with recruitment consultants and agencies pitted against one another to achieve top biller or best agency status. The challenge any staffing agency has, is to replicate the successes of their top recruitment specialists whilst learning from the mistakes made along the way and using these insights to drive better performance and more revenue.

Call recording for Recruitment

Call recording for recruitment

Using recorded phone calls for training, benchmarking and best practice

Amongst the many tools for recruitment which have emerged in recent years there is call recording technology, historically used by banks for compliance and contact centres for call quality monitoring, increasingly it is being used for recruitment training and coaching. For example if you want to know how your top recruitment consultants are handling the candidate telephone interview process or negotiating on employment contracts and salaries, you can record, playback and share a selection of the ‘successful‘ calls made with your new recruits and less effective consultants.

Provide an absolute account of contracts negotiated or ‘who said what’

Similarly you can learn a lot from the very bad calls and use voice recording as a means of resolving disputes. Have you or your client been unfairly accused of employment discrimination during the interview process? Is there a discrepancy in the IT contractor rate you agreed with the client versus what was promised to the contractor? Voice recordings can provide an absolute account of what was said and help smooth over any issues and build trust in recruiter, candidate and client relationships.

Dare to be different – consider providing clients with recorded telephone interviews

Furthermore call recordings which support the reasoning behind your candidate selection process could be provided to clients as a value add service and could mean the difference between a client placing a job role with your recruitment agency over another. If you can provide recordings of telephone interviews to the client in advance of them meeting the candidate, this starts to become quite a differentiator for your agency over others.

Proactively market good candidates using audio interviews

On the flip side of this, you may have a candidate you telephone interviewed who is not right for a particular client but may be perfectly suited to another role you are trying to fill. Just think how powerful it would be to not only send across that candidates CV to your client but also a call recording of the telephone interview you conducted.

The most successful recruitment consultants according to Stephen Fowlers blog on top billers tend to share one thing in common, they spend a lot of their time on the phone, making as many calls as they can to hone and craft their approach to both client and candidate. Can you really afford not to have a way of measuring how successful these approaches are whilst gaining an insight into the conversations taking place and the reasons behind successful placements?

To find out more about the call recording options available contact Business Systems or call 0800 458 2988 for more details.

We’ve recently updated this article – to read the latest one check out our blog post ‘4 ways call recording can help achieve top biller status‘.

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  1. Emily Stone says:

    Contact centre software allows you to record calls and monitor the performance of both agents,. ensuring that your teams stay compliant and improve the quality of customer contact.

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