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The guru’s guide to contact centre management

The guru’s guide to contact centre management

The Gurus Guide to Contact Centre Management

Contact Centre Management

The editorial team at MyCustomer.com have done a sterling job in the creation of a new guide focussed on the modern contact centre, the challenges faced and the tools, tactics and technology to address them. In fact we were so impressed we decided to sponsor the contact centre management guide so that we could share it with our customers.

Covering a range of topics including creating a contact centre strategy, powering up your staff with gamification and rethinking your contact centre metrics, it’s got something for everyone.

We picked out five key stats in the guide worth sharing:

  • 88% of organisations run contests on whiteboards and by email, but more than two-thirds of them do so less than once a month
  • 80% of interactions are typically about a small number of things
  • 50- 60% of agent attrition occurs in the first 90 days after recruitment
  • 29% of contact centres are now listening to audio to identify spoken patterns
  • 25% of contact centres are truly multi-channel

At just under 100 pages the guide is not for the faint-hearted, so we have decided to split it into 9 chapters and will be releasing them in a series of blogs in the coming months.

If you can’t wait and want to download the full guide, you can access it here or contact us for further details.


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3 Responses to The guru’s guide to contact centre management

  1. The multi channel contact centre is set to grow in the future as more and more people try and make contact using different channels, email, social media telephone…. I would have thought it is higher than 25% already

  2. Tracy McAvoy says:

    It’ll be interesting to run a poll on this early next year to see if there’s a significant % increase in response…

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