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Cleansing legacy call recordings to achieve PCI Compliance

Cleansing legacy call recordings to achieve PCI Compliance

Do you know whether your older call recordings meet the PCI compliance requirements of today? If you’ve only just recently implemented a PCI Compliant call recording solution but still need to retain recordings where you took credit card data from customers a few years back, those legacy call recordings still need to meet PCI Compliance requirements.

Cleansing legacy call recordings to achieve PCI Compliance

Legacy Call Recording

In other words sensitive customer credit card data should not be accessible by your business or your agents, regardless of how old the call recording is. Luckily we have just the solution for you, it does not remove or delete calls it simply takes your existing non-compliant recordings and exports them into a secure hosted environment. Using full symmetric encryption methodology, you can then provide secure and controlled access to replay those calls as and when required.

By cleansing your legacy call recordings and effectively ring-fencing them, you can ensure that any risk is now out of scope, whilst still enabling regulators to access the calls should they need to in future.

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