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Achieving consistent service levels across the border

Achieving consistent service levels across the border

For those of you running and operating offices or contact centres across multiple countries getting consistent call recording and workforce optimisation support and maintenance can be a challenge, ultimately affecting your service levels.

The good news is that Business Systems are now able to offer installation, support,
training and consultancy and design services practically anywhere across the globe.

Achieving service levels

Service Levels

Working with carefully selected and accredited local partners we ensure that your call recording and related systems can be maintained and supported to ensure consistency across your corporate SLA’s.

Your entire international call recording estate can now be effectively supported by a single vendor, leading to potential cost savings, faster initial response times and quicker fault resolution.

We have a reputation for service excellence because we know what is important to customers; speed of response, technical knowledge and expertise and quick issue resolution.

Contact us or call 0800 458 2988 to find out more about our international service capabilities.

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