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Need to upgrade your call recorder but haven’t got the budget?

Need to upgrade your call recorder but haven’t got the budget?

Not a problem our rental, leasing and managed service arrangements ensure that customers can access the latest technology without having to pay all the costs to upgrade your call recorder upfront.

As an independent supplier, we understand that during harsh economic times, flexibility and budgeting is everything. We provide short and long term hire of call recording or quality monitoring systems available on monthly or quarterly plans ranging from 8 to 1000’s of channels.

So how does it work?

If we look at one of our finance customers who recently faced budget restrictions but still required a recording technology refresh, they opted for a monthly rental agreement. Not only can they better manage cash flow, if they wish to upgrade at a later date, the rental plan can be easily re-calculated to take advantage of future technology developments.

Managed services is also a popular option particularly for outsourcing customers who want to refresh their systems regularly, take advantage of the latest software updates and most importantly require the ability to scale up or down the technology as required. This option also provides proactive trouble-shooting maintenance, monthly system health checks, dealing with move and change requests and reconfigurations all for a monthly or quarterly cost.

Find out how you can benefit from rental, leasing or managed service options to upgrade your call recorder –  contact us now or call 0800 458 2988 to find out more. 

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