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60 years of ‘call retention’ – how do you deal with that?

60 years of ‘call retention’ – how do you deal with that?

We all know that regulatory call retention periods have been steadily increasing for some time but that knowledge probably wouldn’t prepare you for a whopping 60 year obligation if it were to land in your lap tomorrow. Luckily this is not the case for most organisations but some insurance companies are indeed facing this very problem.

The difficulty these companies have is not so much to do with modern call recording systems but with the older recording systems that: a) are no longer supported by the manufacturer and: b) have previously archived their calls on to simple storage media when retention obligations were shorter.

There are two options to dealing with this situation; one is to attempt to maintain the legacy recording/replay system plus storage archive and the other is to transfer the recordings to a new storage facility capable of handling the long term requirement. Both options present challenges but our assessment is that the latter is probably going to be the popular choice and we are currently working through the practicalities of file conversion.

Burning the midnight oil for those clients that have an immediate requirement, we already have one software solution which extracts the audio calls plus metadata from legacy systems and pushes the files across to a Storage Area Network to be used with a modern replay tool. In this case the customer’s recordings are now future proofed and comply with industry regulation.

At present this solution is very much dependent upon recorder make, model and software release, but with our ever increasing capability in professional services, Business Systems is uniquely positioned to offer these services to companies facing similar difficulties.

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