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Capturing the voice of the customer with speech analytics

Capturing the voice of the customer with speech analytics

How much real business insight can you get from your customer interactions?

A wealth of data lies at your fingertips, trapped inside the thousands of phone calls that your agents have with your customers every day. How can you tap into this? Using manual call listening, you are unlikely to ever reach a level of analysis possible to make the time and effort put into this technique worthwhile. You are probably more likely to win the lottery than you are to pick out at random the calls that will tell you the most about your organisation – where opportunities are being missed, customers are being lost and money is being wasted.

What is the answer to this difficult problem?

Doing nothing is not an option. But what can give you the capability to listen across every call in your contact centre and pick out the information you most need to hear, within minutes? The simple answer is speech analytics. Speech analytics searches across thousands of calls in the time it takes for you to audit one, and then returns the information you want to find –

  • What’s driving call peaks?
  • Why are customers unhappy?
  • Why isn’t the quality monitoring and agent coaching you complete month in, month out, creating the results you need to give your business the competitive edge?

Speech analytics will show you not only the pain points you already knew about, but also the ones you would never have known were there. It provides a comprehensive and quantitative overview of the key trends within your contact centres and then gives you the power to drill down to the calls driving these patterns, giving you the power to be a change maker for your organisation.

Over the next twelve weeks, this blog will walk through why and how speech analytics can deliver on its promises for delivering profitability and performance for contact centres in any industry. As the case for speech analytics gains momentum and continues to be a hot topic at industry events, these posts will cut through the hype and demonstrate the unmissable value that speech analytics could bring to your business. If you want to see a particular topic or area covered in the coming weeks let us know about it.

Want to find out more about how speech analytics captures the voice of the customer, contact Business Systems now.

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