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Workforce planning – forget Excel think managed service

Workforce planning – forget Excel think managed service

Imagine what you could accomplish with access to external workforce management (WFM) specialists, who could generate forecasts, create work schedules and analyse processes using your data – providing you with the most effective workforce plan for customer support.

For smaller organisations who previously could not afford this resource, the ability to implement workforce management as a managed service for workforce planning will be a key trend to watch in 2012. If you haven’t moved beyond excel spreadsheets for planning and scheduling, a hosted service can offer the benefits of WFM without having to commit to all of the skilled resource and cost upfront.

Why now?
Fresh advancements in hosted WFM technology now allows third parties secure remote access to your WFM data without having to be present onsite. In today’s challenging economic climate, cost and resources are a key focus of management decisions. Hosted WFM caters specifically to these crucial considerations; why expend time and money attracting and retaining WFM professionals when you can share another’s WFM resources, paying only for what you use?

Retain day-to-day control
The managed service approach allows an organisation to hit the ground running with access to accurate forecasts, ‘what if’ modelling and optimised schedules but it is important to remember that workforce planning cannot be fully outsourced. Internal resources with the appropriate business knowledge are still required to monitor the more complex activities such as intraday management and day-to-day implementation of the WFM plan. This ensures the most effective outcome for your business.

Proper consideration should be given to the feasibility of this solution for your organisation, but in a year where staff productivity will be more important than ever, can you afford to ignore a managed service option?

For further information on workforce planning please contact the Business Systems WFM team or call 0800 458 2988.

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