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NICE Recording eXpress – what’s new?

NICE Recording eXpress – what’s new?

Following the acquisition of Cybertech, NICE have been busy working to enhance the NICE call recording product suite so it aligns more closely with its existing portfolio, the end result being NICE Recording eXpress.

Through this transition period, NICE Recording eXpress has evolved to give customers an easy and scalable call recording platform to mitigate risk, address compliance and fulfil quality monitoring needs.

NICE Recording eXpress has the capability of recording thousands of channels across single or multi-site environments with its scalable and flexible architecture. It has the ability to record mixed inputs such as analogue, digital, trunk or VoIP inputs, and has multiple archiving storage options.

It provides resiliency and redundancy features along with an advanced and detailed security profile. With the addition of NICE Quality eXpress it provides quality monitoring and PCI compliance tools for call centre environments. Coupling this with its web-based user interface, the ability to integrate to most telephony environments and the simple to use search and replay functionality, NICE Recording eXpressis a viable solution in many recording environments.

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