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A simpler, smarter way to call record

A simpler, smarter way to call record

PCI compliance, cost effectiveness and the ability to meet a range of customer needs are just some of the factors Business Systems took  into account when determining if Red Box was the best product to meet customer requirements.

Having worked alongside Red Box Recorders on a number of engagements in the public and financial sectors, the call recording technology brings simplicity to digital recording at a competitive price, making it the perfect addition to Business Systems Call recording portfolio. Incorporating a range of additional modules for quality monitoring, screen data capture, mobile call recording and voice analytics it provides our clients with flexibility and choice.

The product is a natural fit for the Business Systems professional services offering and our engineers have undergone significant training including product installation ensuring we can deliver demonstrable and referencable project implementations, service and support.

For more information on a smarter way to call record contact us now or call 0800 458 2988 for more details. 

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