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Time is running out for NICECall Focus III users

Time is running out for NICECall Focus III users

For all those users of the NICECall Focus III call recording product or those currently considering investment in one, time is running out with an October 1st 2011 deadline formally announced as the end of sale and expansions date. Launched by NICE in 2005 as an upgrade to the NICECall Focus IIproduct, it proved to be very popular within the Public Safety market due to its ability to operate in a mission critical environment and its promised lower cost of ownership.

The products end of development date, effectively when NICE will cease to provide code fixes, changes and third-party software certifications for NiceCall Focus III, will be October 1st 2012 and support for the product will cease on July 31st2014. As always Business Systems will endeavour to support clients beyond that date where needed and will continue to supply parts and spares where available.

For further information contact marketing@businesssystemsuk.com or call 0800 458 2988

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