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Mobile phone recording – Technology update

Mobile phone recording – Technology update

In response to the upcoming FSA deadline for implementing mobile phone recording technology within financial institutions, Business Systems has been busily canvassing industry opinion about how firms would want to see our own Vocal Mobile recording solution modified to best suit their requirements.

From the perspective of cost, simplicity and time-to-implement it is evident that a hosted mobile voice recording solution is the popular choice. However many firms stressed the importance of being able to securely keep mobile recordings onsite alongside land line recordings and to ensure compliance with their internal policies on voice and data security.

In response to this our Vocal Mobile product development team has implemented a simple method that securely forwards all mobile phone recordings to a firm’s own on-site servers and storage systems within seconds of the inbound or outbound mobile phone call taking place. Once downloading has been verified, the call is then immediately deleted from our own hosted servers, ensuring that our customers can comply with internal policies and have full on-site access to the recordings, albeit via a hosted service.

For further information on this solution, please email marketing@businesssystemsuk.com or call 0800 458 2988 for further details 

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