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FSA Mandate Mobile Phone Recording by November 2011

FSA Mandate Mobile Phone Recording by November 2011

The FSA have now formally announced that mobile phone conversations must be recorded in those situations where the content of the call deals with the receipt of client orders or the negotiation, agreement and arrangement of transactions across the markets dealing in equities, bonds, financial commodities and derivatives.

View FSA Consultation Feedback & Final Rules >

Available technology solutions

Business Systems provide the leading compliant mobile call recording solution which can be deployed as either a hosted solution or onsite using your existing call recording infrastructure.

Experienced deployments
We have extensive experience of deploying mobile phone recording solutions having already worked with a number of leading banks in Norway to assist them in meeting their compliance obligations for a January 1st 2011 deadline, set by Norwegian regulators.

Trusted partners
Working with a number of partners including Vodafone who have selected the ‘onsite’ solution for their global enterprise mobile phone recording offering, we offer a tried and trusted solution which meets the most stringent requirements of leading international banks.

If you want to find out more on how Business Systems can help you ensure compliance, feel free to contact us: 0800 458 2988, contact@businesssystemsuk.com.

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