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Using NICE – EOL (End-of-life) to your best advantage

Using NICE – EOL (End-of-life) to your best advantage

As a company that likes to consider its products at the forefront of technology, NICE have a well-established history of controlled product obsolescence which works in harmony with its EOL (end-of-life) service programme. The month of June sees a bumper crop of products being confined to the EOL list and as manufacturer support is withdrawn from these, so customer attention should be focused on revisiting the relevance of business applications as a replacement product is considered.

New product releases coincide (as you would expect) with the EOL process and the latest version of NICE Perform Express (NPX) is as good an example of this as you would wish to see. Business Systems tested the earlier version of NPX in 2009 and felt that the smart move was to wait for the next release.

The new version of NPX has been released so if you waited then your patience has been justly rewarded. This release is definitely a better product and one we feel comfortable recommending; in our opinion it offers more, will appeal to a larger market and probably has greater longevity – see the Business Systems NPX product review for full details.

Product versions moving to EOL in summary are: NICE 8.9 Enterprise (non-public safety), NICE Perform R1, R2, R3.0, Mirra 2 and Mirra IV R1.x but check here for the full listing and dates.

Not surprisingly as one product makes way for another there are good deals to be had over the next few months and this is an ideal time to leverage the EOL situation to your advantage. Business Systems have put some very attractive ‘early-bird’ packages together which provide great value for either CAPEX or Managed Service deals.

For our customers in the finance sector this may prove particularly opportune as the requirement to ramp up recording capacity to accommodate mobile phone recording later in the year looms ever closer.

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