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Guiding you through the technology maze

Guiding you through the technology maze

Technology that serves contact centres and financial trading floors is evolving rapidly and with core systems embracing new business applications we are witnessing the creation of new mainstream business tools.

Finding your way through the maze of new technology and understanding these new tools along with the names they go by can be difficult so we have reconstructed our website to help guide you through the process. Work Force Optimisation (WFO) has seen a number of product sets drawn together under this title in the last few years but things like speech analytics, market abuse surveillance and more recently the need for the integration of mobile call recording into existing recording infrastructure have yet to be categorised.

As a consequence we have redesigned our web site with you in mind; a search function is now available so that you can get access to the content you need more quickly. Quick contact mechanisms are now on every page, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for – just ask!

With a Web 2.0 feel to it, not only is the new website modern and user friendly it offers access to a vast amount of knowledge and information collated from over 20 years experience. The new Information centre offers case study and white paper material and an advice centre answers those niggling questions around call recording legalities and manufacturer sunset policies.

The professional services section reflects our full capabilities and heritage in this area and highlights our strengthening capabilities in our consultancy practice which now incorporates speech analytics and resource planning as well as quality monitoring and systems training.

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