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TTL partner with OPEX to drive dealer profit & performance

TTL partner with OPEX to drive dealer profit & performance

TTL Automotive are specialist advisors to the automotive industry, delivering a number of performance improvement programmes to customers including Honda, SAAB, Renault and Fiat Group, TTL are committed to adding value to their customers’ bottom line by deploying technology solutions designed to increase sales conversion, whilst up-skilling customers’ sales teams.

To achieve this TTL Automotive have invested in OPEX Hosting’s Call Craft platform. This technology platform provides them with a hosted call recording application and state-of-the-art reporting suite accessible via the web, which enables TTL to very easily, remotely implement call recording on any of their customers’ sites.

The technology solution deployed provides TTL customers with several key business advantages. It provides a crystal clear picture of their marketing effectiveness. Through the allocation of specific numbers to campaigns, budgets can be cut and proven returns from financial investments can be measured. One TTL customer for example, achieved a 66% saving in advertising spend, as money was redirected to the campaigns which were proven to generate the best response.

The technology also provides real insight and accountability into how sales staff deal with customers on the telephone. For the first time ever TTL customers are getting to hear their customer’s side of a conversation and can evaluate how professionally the call was handled and whether rapport was built, a significant factor in minimising missed appointments.

Alex Underwood, Operations Director at TTL Automotive commented, “This product is a great way to demonstrate just what impact individuals are having on their sales team by empowering them to share best practice and celebrate the successes.”

Implemented as a stand alone product which can be deployed rapidly with a brief telephone instruction, OPEX Hosting worked with TTL to understand and develop the product to meet the reporting needs of TTL and their customers. This also involved providing a TTL automotive branded front-end interface to the software.

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