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BSL announces pilot of new QM concept for Contact Centres

BSL announces pilot of new QM concept for Contact Centres

Business Systems UK Ltd (BSL) announces successful completion of a pilot launch of its Contact Centres Consultancy Division.. This division was launched in recognition of customers’ need to create or enhance quality management programmes. Following the successful pilot launch of this programme, BSL’s in-house industry experts are concurrently running four projects within well known UK contact centres.

“Quality management has become more complex, and increasingly important for our contact centre customers. Our in-house consultants are uniquely experts in both quality and systems, providing a bridge between technology and business process. This seems to work perfectly in helping organisations create efficient programmes with measurable returns” commented Stephen Thurston, Director, BSL.

BSL’s current projects are focused on designing and implementing quality programmes which can increase customer loyalty and profits, develop and motivate staff, reduce training costs and deliver valuable information at strategic levels within the organisation.

BSL’s consulting services model is built around six ‘off-the shelf’ modules, designed around common problem areas in contact centres. However tailored solutions have also proved popular, as contact centres have requested optimisation of quality processes, management training services and customisation of quality systems such as Nice Universe. In order to give contact centre managers a taste of how consultancy can significantly enhance business profitability, BSL has pioneered a new method of gaining a quick snapshot view of quality by a simple to use on-line assessment.

“As a pioneer in the area of contact centre quality management, we aim to provide the right level of advice, service and systems for contact centres at any stage of the quality cycle. Consequently we are working with best known UK companies alongside smaller organisations, all of which are enjoying significant returns for their investments”, commented Stephen Thurston, Director, BSL.

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