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Report from CCEXPO 2008

Report from CCEXPO 2008

CCExpo 2008 is the focus point for contact centres, it draws large crowds, and demand for call recording applications continues to grow year on year. As you would expect from call centres the principal interest was for agent quality monitoring and PCI compliance, both of which are mainstay competencies for Business Systems.

The ‘business analytics’ application of call recording is gaining traction and has made significant strides over last year; organisations are starting to understand how they can leverage their data with real commercial benefits to the business.

The SaaS (software as a service) model was very much in evidence and clearly the concept of ‘hosted’ services has been totally embraced. OPEX launched their ‘hybrid’ call recording model which allows companies to toggle between the Business Systems on-premise systems or in-network services; depending upon whichever application best suits the customer’s requirements.

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