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Carpeo:- on hosted recording / dialling & CRM

Carpeo:- on hosted recording / dialling & CRM

As a contact centre solutions company ‘seizing the opportunity’ is at the heart of Carpeo’s business strategy and this is just what they have done by connecting to the latest in-network services hosted by OPEX for hosted call recording and much more.

Working closely with OPEX Hosting the sister company to Business Systems, Carpeo implemented three powerful in-network applications with zero capital expenditure and was able to dynamically scale their usage and revenue costs based on their business demands.

The end-to-end solution incorporates; call recording, dialling and the tPoint CRM script and workflow engine, all of which are hosted in the network. These are VoIP applications but fully backwards compatible to TDM telephony so that companies can use their existing telephone systems and still take advantage of these new services.

Carpeo’s decision to use these services was based on adding value and efficiency into the business processes. The dialling application has preview, power and predictive capability but most importantly is OFCOM compliant.

Hosted Call Recording

Hosted Call Recording

These facilities ensure that Carpeo can focus more on the business of engaging with the customer, and is now typically achieving a talk-time of 75% or higher.

The hosted technology model adds a great deal of flexibility as usage can be expanded or contracted as required. Also, with self-service facilities in the tPoint CRM package, tasks like campaign scripting can be handled in-house and changes made on the fly.

Hosted solutions are not new but the security and resilience of today’s platforms makes this technology appealing to many more businesses, to the extent that even major high street banks are signing up to the hosted model.

The OPEX model delivers these applications on a pay-for-use service, module by module; all of which adds up to customers like Carpeo, being confident that the technology they use delivers the efficiencies they need to be competitive.

Gary Hitching, Managing Director at Carpeo adds “Carpeo utilises OPEX hosted services because each module seamlessly integrates to the next, giving us a unified platform for campaign management. Virtual contact centre technology is positioned firmly at the heart of our business.

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