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Here’s a bit of history with a dash of rarity

Here’s a bit of history with a dash of rarity

Anyone who has a little bit of the philatelist in them will know that the ‘penny black’ is a rare old find and as a result, is a very welcome addition to either your stamp collection or pension fund. The recorder shown here does not fall into this class, old and rare it may be but welcome it is not, unless of course you are desperately looking for 300 kilos of landfill.

This product was called ‘Voicelog’ and for the technically inclined, it was configured with twin decks, 101/2 inch tape spools, 24 hour run time and a whopping (at the time) 64TPI.

It was released by Callog at the height of the London banking boom in 1987 when you couldn’t buy a call recorder for love nor money. Despite the obvious ‘sellers market’ London dealers (who are a sharp lot and know a good deal when they see one) stayed away in droves and Voicelog quietly slipped into a well deserved obscurity.

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