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Avoiding OFCOM fines is not rocket science!

Avoiding OFCOM fines is not rocket science!

An intelligent predictive dialler, with OFCOM compliant outbound calling services is just one option!

OPEX Hosted Telephony Services have just launched OPEX IPD. Enabling small and large organisations to enjoy the productivity benefits of automated dialling, it maximises resource without high capital outlay. It uses the OPEX hosted model, enabling organisations to ‘Pay-As-They-Go’.

This solution works differently to ‘Progressive’ or ‘Power dialling’, reducing silent and abandoned calls by predicting what calls and customer information records are needed, according to the agents available. The system only presents answered calls to available agents. It ensures it does not recall customers within the OFCOM regulated time period and that a valid CLI number is presented to the customer.

OPEX IPD detects when an agent logs in. The agent’s telephone is ‘pre-dialled’, OPEX IPD calls consumers and when receiving an answer ‘data-pops’ the consumer’s information to the agent at the same time as connecting the call. When the call has ended the agent waits for the next call from the system. It can be administered via the web making scripting changes simple and inexpensive.

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