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Driving the contact centre based on market intelligence

Driving the contact centre based on market intelligence

Vocal Recorders latest offering uses phrase and trends analysis technology; a facility that is set to become part of the standard toolset for contact centres that intend to drive their businesses based on knowledge and market intelligence.

Vocal CallMiner offers complete speech analytics which is a tool to extract key business information from recorded telephone calls. Calls can be ‘batched’ or ‘selected’ and then mined overnight using specialist servers; the system then converts audio to text, ready for interrogation. Search criteria can be based on phrases or keyword strings. For example, when used for marketing analysis all calls containing a reference to a specific product or market can be identified and the content further interrogated as required. Using the same software ‘query’ function, a search could easily be switched to flag-up calls that mention competitive products or other important marketing information

In keeping with the Vocal philosophy of providing good value for money, hardware costs can be reduced by utilising the spare CPU power of existing servers and desktops on the network via a ‘Virtual Server Feature’.

As in introduction to ‘call analytics’, we are offering the opportunity to mine 1200 calls of your own for free, followed by a workshop showing how to extract market intelligence. If you are interested in this or would like to see a demo contact sales@businesssystemsuk.com

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