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CEMEX use call recording to make sales & distribution….

CEMEX use call recording to make sales & distribution….

…more efficient

CEMEX is a global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. CEMEX decided that expanding their use of call recording at two sales and shipping distribution sites, Colchester and Nottingham, could greatly benefit the business by enabling networking capability and improving access to calls. These sites house a combined total of 55 agents.

As Business Systems offer a choice of recording systems from different manufacturers, the company was uniquely able to supply and implement two separate systems, each of which satisfied the different site requirements. The solutions that were chosen by CEMEX were NiceCall Focus and VocalPro manufactured by different companies. Each solution would integrate with the IT infrastructure at the two sites, CITRIX and Windows 2000.

A global building solutions company

A global building solutions company

The Solution

The NiceCall Focus was integrated with the Meridian Option 11 telephony Switch at the Colchester site. At this site, all telephone-based staff have been allowed access to playback their calls from their desks via easy-to-use Windows-based software.

The NiceCall Focus provides CDR (Call Detail Record) integration with the switch, holding call information in a database. This allows staff to pinpoint calls easily searching by time, date and phone number.

As NiceCall Focus would not integrate into the Nottingham site’s environment, Business Systems recommended an alternative recorder, the VocalPro. The VocalPro is a highly flexible recording solution, which runs on standard PC hardware. It offers an ‘open systems’ architecture enabling easy integration into non-standard telephony environments.

According to CEMEX, the installation was smooth and involved minimum fuss with little disruption to the business.

Benefits – A new way of working

Integration with the switch provides staff with useful call information. For example, when a member of staff neglects to take a phone number, it can now be obtained by using the CDR information contained in the call recording software. Call recordings are also used to verify information, which minimises human error during order taking. Order taking accuracy is vital in ensuring efficiency when getting the correct building materials delivered to the right place at the right time.

CEMEX is planning to roll out the use of call recording to further sites, to reap the full benefits of this solution.

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