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Call Recording’s Biggest Event in 2005… The London Showcase

Call Recording’s Biggest Event in 2005… The London Showcase

Read on for an update on the latest product launches and recording technology

Event Highlights

Nearly three hundred companies attended the UK’s largest specialist event for Call Recording in London on November 30th. For those who didn’t get a chance to attend here’s a resume of events.

The London Showcase was manufacturer agnostic and featured top technology across a range of business applications catering for both ‘non-complex’ and sophisticated business processes. Two recently launched products, NICE ‘Perform’ and Vocal ‘Evolution’ were put through their paces, with practical demonstrations so that guests could experience the technology in a realistic environment.

Early adopters looking for a business edge over their competitors were introduced to the NICE ‘Perform’ suite, which is ground breaking stuff and takes Contact Centres into new dimensions for quality monitoring and business analysis. Here’s how it works; the goal of the technology is to provide an organisation with ‘insight’ into customer behaviour and the responsiveness of their own staff. This is achieved through automatic analysis of the recorded calls against predetermined criteria; the result of this screening process presents management with a distillation of recordings that best match the selected business criteria and hence a rapid assessment of key business drivers. The business benefit of this technology is enormous as it can be casino spiele used to track business trends, campaigns and agent responsiveness on a near real-time basis.

NICE “Perform” also launched a new application for financial organisations looking to reduce the occurrence of fraud. This application keeps a database of ‘voice prints’ as a look-up table that can be automatically compared to a caller’s voice to ascertain their identity, when a miss-match occurs the software alerts management to address the situation. In depth information about this new fraud detection solution is included on page 3.

The Vocal Evolution range of recorders proved a popular choice, offering a value for money recording solution operating on the increasingly popular secure Linux platform. For pricing and availability on these products contact sales@businesssystemsuk.com

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