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VocalMobile- V2.0 now records both incoming & outgoing calls

VocalMobile- V2.0 now records both incoming & outgoing calls

VocalMobile Total Plan:- This service enables the recording of both incoming and outgoing calls to a mobile telephone. The VocalMobile Total Plan is ideal for organisations that need to comply with FSA or other regulatory bodies because it ensures the capture of all calls and becomes an invaluable audit tool.

Business Systems handles the entire implementation of this service. VocalMobile Total Plan works with industry standard symbian compliant mobile phones; most new mobiles are symbian compliant but if yours aren’t, BSL can swap them for you free of charge. BSL will set up a secure recording server for you and calls can be retrieved via an Internet browser connected to a secure network.

There are several billing options for the service including per minute charging, bundled minutes packages or a monthly retainer fee. For recording outgoing calls from mobiles, Business Systems offers the VocalFlexi Plan or VocalFixed Plan – enabling you to choose whether all calls are automatically recorded or whether to give the mobile phone user the option to turn recording on before making an important call.

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