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Lifestyle Services Group & Policy Admin restore recording

Lifestyle Services Group & Policy Admin restore recording

01/09/2005 – Business Systems managed to restore an existing call recording solution with the NiceUniverse quality management software solution, for Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) and sister company Policy Administration Services (PAS) in 2008, providing specialist services.

Established in 2000, PAS provides mobile phone insurance administration for Phones 4u, one of the largest independent mobile phone retailers in the UK. Based in Crewe, PAS have a 170 strong call centre team dedicated to dealing with both in and out bound calls relating to claims. Call recording is an integral business tool to the business for resolving disputes and training staff.

The Problem

LSG and PAS inherited the Nicelog call recording system, following a group merger. The Nicelog had been supplied and installed as part of a one-stop-shop telephony package and therein lay the problem. PAS found that neither their switch provider nor the manufacturer understood how to effectively match the technology of the Nicelog to the business application. Consequently, severe difficulties arose when trying to retrieve calls and perform quality management; to the extent that the system was considered to be only partially functional. To resolve these issues LSG and PAS searched for a specialist call recording implementer

“Before we came to Business Systems we had seen countless other call recording companies, but they lacked the essential understanding of what we were trying to achieve. By contrast Business Systems demonstrated they had the necessary skills and experience to rectify our problems and provide an effective Quality Management solution.” commented Phil Mottershaw, IT Manager.

Business Systems provided technical consultancy, resolved all existing faults and enhanced the system with full quality management facilities.

The Solution

As a specialist call recording provider with extensive technical experience of the Nicelog call recording solution, Business Systems’ technical staff were quick to identify the system’s problems. A re-installation of the existing Nicelog call recorder was required along with reconfiguration and compatibility matching to the Avaya Definity switch.

Business Systems proposed the NiceUniverse quality management software solution, which integrates to the Nicelog recorder. This system was duly installed with excellent results.

The Benefits

Cost Savings

Since reinstallation of the system, all calls are now reliably captured and retrieved when necessary; this in turn has reduced the occurrence and cost of fraudulent claims.

From past experience, LSG and PAS knew that staff attrition could be substantially reduced with effective targeted training. NiceUniverse has allowed PAS to improve their training programme for call centre staff by providing analysis data on agent performance and call handling abilities.

“Business Systems’ implementation staff were very capable, they demonstrated confidence and knowledge in identifying the problem areas and then set about resolving them. These services addressed our needs and have provided us with a call recording solution in which we now feel extremely confident.” concluded Mottershaw.

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