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Sunset policy update:- DDS3 going, going …gone!

Sunset policy update:- DDS3 going, going …gone!

NICE recently announced product cessation of their DDS3 tape drives which were produced exclusively for use in version 7, 8.1, and 8.5 NICElog recorders.

If you are using the older version 7 and 8.1 models here are your options and suggested actions. Firstly, only this specific DDS3 drive will work in your recorder, so supply is limited to what is on the stockroom shelf right now. Business Systems has bought up all available stock and calculate that we can continue support for a further 12 months to our registered ‘Longterm Support’ customers. So, if you have not registered as a longterm support customer, we suggest you email service-mgr@businesssystemsuk.com. Secondly, to be on the safe side we suggest you start budgeting to replace your system no later than April 2006.

Users of Nicelog version 8.5 have another option, we can replace the DDS3 drives with DDS4’s. The benefits of DDS4 are twofold; firstly the storage capacity is much larger than the DDS3, about (40MB) which is around 2,500 hours of uncompressed recordings. Secondly; this medium will be supported for quite a bit longer, thereby extending the useful working life of your recorders.

Either speak to your account manager or contact us at 0800 458 2988.

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