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Business Systems announces new Pay-As-You-Go Recording

Business Systems announces new Pay-As-You-Go Recording

‘Domain Secure’ Call Recording

In response to a clear market need for flexible recording services, Business Systems has introduced ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Call Recording. This specialist service ensures complete control over your recorded calls remains with you. A bespoke call recorder is implemented at your site, configured to your telephony system and network. Any type of telephony can be captured, including VoIP. An agreed billing period is settled with usage-only charging from 0.75 pence per recorded minute, which means no capital expenditure or rental/service charge.The billing includes installation and support charges.

Detailed usage reports, are provided which for outsourcers can be on a per-customer basis, (ideal for re-billing your own customers.) Calls can be found easily from desktop PCs using a myriad of search criteria, such as date/time, duration, agent name, client name, incoming telephone number and more. Storage can be arranged for whatever period required, even years. This service ensures you maintain control of all calls, as calls are recorded and stored at your own site

For more information email us at contact@businesssystemsuk.com

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