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Product Launch – NICECall Focus III

Product Launch – NICECall Focus III

This is NICE’s 3rd generation of the Nicecall and they have put a lot of effort into giving the market a useable product, which competes well against other comparable mid range solutions such as the VocalPro. In the past NICE
have been in a dilemma as to how many features to put into their smaller
system and how many to leave out so that it does not detract from its big
brother the Nicelog; with the NiceCall Focus III it looks like they got it just
about right.

NiceCall Focus III is ideal for branch of?ces or smaller subsidiaries as it can be used in conjunction with its big brother Nicelog. Calls from the NiceCall Focus III and the Nicelog can be held in a central database. The beauty of this is that there can now be one centralised point for administration and access to calls from different recorders, at different locations. This compatibility will help many organisations that are struggling to manage disparate sites.

NiceCall Focus III also offers increased capacity taking it to exactly what you
would expect as the industry average for mid range recorders: – it records up to 48
channels and contains 50,000 hours of on-line capacity. Unlike Versions I and II of this product, the NiceCall Focus III can offer (on particular switches), D Channel
and CDR integration; this gives users more advanced search parameters that can
determine whether a call is either incoming / outgoing and also identify the CLI.

For contact centre environments NiceCall Focus III also offers CTI integration, which allows users to search for calls by call ?ow information searching on information such as ‘transfers’. NiceCall Focus III also offers full integration with NICE quality monitoring software, making it an ideal proposition for mid-sized contact centres.

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